Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day Zero

So this is a walk with a difference, insofar as I'm camping for 7 out of the 8 nights I'll be away, so I'll be carrying a full pack. I have included a photo of my pack contents as they are at this moment - on the bed (actually they don't look too bad in the photo, maybe I should just carry that). I'm hoping it's not much more than 15 kilos, but it probably will be. Why does water have to be so heavy? Anyway when I say it's a walk with a difference I'm only comparing it with the past two years, both of which have been B&B affairs. Back in my relative youth this was the norm, my last full pack adventure being the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in about 1990 or 1991, and I daren't even think about how heavy the pack I carted around Iceland in 1986 was. I've got better / lighter kit now but as for me, well I can't begin to pretend to be carrying less weight. So basically the net result will be my legs having to hold up more weight than they ever have before!

The night not spent camping will be spent in Aberdaron, where Jen will be joining me, at our favourite haunt The Ship Hotel. A few of the nights will be at quite primitive campsites where, gulp, there will be no access to a pub and I'll be eating dried meals. The show must go on, however, so as in previous years I will be providing meal ratings.

One big potential problem is my iphone battery and signal. I won't be able to charge it until Jen meets me after 5 days of walking, so I will be sparing with its use. Hopefully though it will manage 5 uploads and some access to football scores on Saturday. And of course the further I walk along the peninsula the less likely I will be to get a signal, so as with last year the Blog posts may be erratic.

So off to Caernarfon tomorrow morning, to find somewhere to safely park the car for 9 days.

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