Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Day Five - Rhiw to Aberdaron, 6.2 miles.

A short day and a short blog, as Jen met me in Aberdaron at 1pm and I resisted any temptation to go for a walk! Instead we sat in the sun outside the cafe opposite The Ship where we are staying. We sat there twice in fact. Then we sat in the other pub for a drink. Then we sat in the room and watched two episodes of 'Come dine with me'. Then we sat in the restaurant to eat.

Alun the landlord was on good form. I went down to ask whether we needed to book a table and he said, "No, I've got a vibe that it'll be quiet, come down when you like." Then when we came down an hour later he said, "You're quite late, What have you been doing?"

Dead animal of the day - none! God has spared them all as it's Sunday. So it will have to be my delicious lamb rump dinner. Meal rating 9/10. 1 point docked for serving new potatoes and mash together.

The day started badly weather wise. I sat in the B&B staring at the same gloom as yesterday. At 10:15 I decided I needed to go but had the option of heading straight to Aberdaron, 3 miles, or going via the Penarfynydd headland, 6 miles. Being totally hardcore I chose the latter and stuck to the coast. I didn't regret it. The eastern side of the headland was sheltered from the wind but shrouded in mist. All I could see was grey fog around me and grey sea far below me. It was totally silent and a high point of the walk so far.

As I rounded the headland I could see that the weather was changing for the better, and within an hour I was strolling down the hill into my favourite village in glorious sunshine. To relax.

End of day bonus is I got to see Match of the Day 2.

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